Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 Repack

Multilingual registered version! | File Size : 1.8GB/1.86GB

The Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 software is controlled by the new Adobe Mercury Performance System, which allows you to process large, complex files with high speed and reliability. A modern, updated interface optimizes everyday tasks. Advanced tools for creativity allow more effective implementation of ideas.

Among the best features are:

Improved vector tools. Use accurate and effective project creation tools. Create expressive vector graphics for virtually any media source. Freely experiment and embody your creative ideas with complex shapes, colors, complex effects and expressive typography, using precise shape creation tools, natural custom brushes and advanced contour controls.
Integration with other Adobe solutions. Easily convert projects for printing into projects for the Internet and mobile devices through the close integration of industry-leading Adobe solutions such as Photoshop, InDesign®, After Effects®, Acrobat® and others.
Adobe Mercury Performance System. Accurate, fast and incredibly reliable tools allow you to work with large complex files thanks to the built-in support for 64-bit Mac OS and Windows® OS, optimizing the memory and performance of the entire system.
Use multiple artboards. Organize and view up to 100 editing areas of different sizes, cascaded or in the form of a grid. Easily add, delete and rename areas, and change the order of their location. Save, export and print the artboards individually or together.
Gradients and transparency. Work with gradients directly on the object, set the sizes of elliptical gradients, adjust the colors and adjust the opacity parameters. You can even create gradients for strokes and grids.
Clarity of contours in projects for web applications and mobile devices. Creation of vector objects, located exactly on the pixel grid, for the preparation of raster illustrations with clearly defined edges of the contours. Use the anti-aliasing settings for individual frames.
Trace the image. Easily and quickly convert raster images into editable vectors thanks to an efficient trace mechanism. High accuracy of lines, accuracy of adjustment and reception of reliable results – by means of simple, intuitively clear controls.
Drawing in perspective. Using perspective meshes to create accurate figures and scenes in 1-, 2-, or 3-point linear perspective.
Creation of patterns. Easily create shared vector patterns. Freely experiment with different types of repeating patterns, which you can edit at any time to create the most flexible layouts.
Editing the design from the palette. Edit the characteristics of the object directly on the "Appearance" panel. This allows you to get rid of the need to open palettes associated with fills, strokes and effects.
Formats of graphic files of the industrial standard. Work with almost all formats of image files, including PDF, EPS, FXG, Photoshop (PSD), TIFF, GIF, JPEG, SWF, SVG, DWG, DXF, etc.
Tools for creating Adobe PDF files. Create secure multi-page PDF files with expressive graphics and with the preservation of Illustrator layers. Transfer files with any service providers through the support of PDF / X standards.

New features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2017:

Create graphics with accuracy at the pixel level. Draw outlines and shapes that are clearly aligned with the pixel grid. Align existing graphics with one click or with simple transformations. Save dynamic shapes and rounded corners, scale and rotate objects without disturbing alignment, or manually shift segments and end points for perfect alignment.
Accelerated font search. To quickly find the desired fonts, mark them as favorites. Filter the list to see the last used fonts, find fonts similar to the selected fonts, or search for fonts by classifications, for example "serif" or "handwritten".
Convenient work with glyphs. To use alternative glyphs for any character, just select this glyph, then select the glyph in the context menu. You can also view and insert the last used glyphs and sort the glyphs for quick viewing.
Quickly create projects. To quickly create a new project, use the embedded templates or the free Adobe Stock templates available in the File> New menu.
Stock patterns and search. New templates for design are now available in the Adobe Stock store. Drag the stock items from the search results in the Library panel directly to the canvas and get to work. You can also right-click on the stock image and perform a visual search for similar images.
New features of Creative Cloud Libraries. Libraries in Illustrator now support Adobe Stock text templates and templates. Also, the function "Send link" is updated. Now you can grant access to public libraries in read-only mode. Traceable libraries are displayed in the Library panel and are automatically updated.
Access to the Typekit Marketplace. Now you can buy fonts from leading designers and use them in Illustrator projects. Typekit supports the synchronization of fonts and web technologies that allow you to access the Marketplace fonts from any application and on any device.
Improvements to fonts and text. To use the interactive preview function, select the text and hover over the font list. Place the downloaded text in a container or fill the container with a replacement text for a more accurate visualization of the project. Now it’s even easier to work with typography objects, the general family of fonts, but different styles (and vice versa).
Guidance on the selected area. To speed up viewing and editing, you can increase any selected area, active point, segment, path or object.
Modern user interface. A flat user interface with new tool icons and panels provides greater visibility and does not detract from work.
And much more. Other enhancements include the ability to perform backup and restore, and view the history history of all Creative Cloud resources, including files in the Creative Cloud Libraries, resources created in desktop applications for CC, and mobile projects.

New features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2018:

Properties panel. Central access to all controls speeds up work. The new Smart Properties panel contains only the necessary tools that appear at the right time.
Puppet deformation. Convert the vector graphics, while preserving the natural look. The "Puppet Deformation" function allows you to quickly create and modify graphic objects, without configuring each circuit or reference point separately.
More artboards. Now in Illustrator you can create up to 1000 artboards on one canvas and work with a lot of content in each document.
Sets of styles. Apply predefined additional glyphs to whole blocks of text. You no longer have to select and modify each glyph separately.
More convenient structure of the mounting areas. Select several artboards at the same time, automatically align and arrange them on the canvas with one click. Objects that are attached to the artboard are now moved along with it.
Colored fonts SVG. Use in projects fonts containing several colors, gradients and degrees of transparency. All this is possible thanks to SVG OpenType fonts.
Variable fonts. Illustrator supports variable OpenType fonts. You can change the thickness, width and other parameters, creating your own style and not breaking the original design.

System requirements:

Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 Processor
Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 8, or Windows 8.1
1 GB of RAM (3 GB recommended) for the 32-bit version; 2 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended) for the 64-bit version
2 GB of free hard disk space for installation; additional free space required for installation (not installed on removable flash storage devices)
The monitor resolution is 1024 x 768 (1280 x 800 is recommended)
Version Features:

Type: Installation [x86 / x64]
Languages: multi, there is Russian
Treatment: conducted by [patch-PAINTER]
Additional version features:

Installation in two clicks, you only need to disconnect the Internet connection (or use a firewall)
Creative Cloud application does not litter in the system – it left the necessary minimum
The program runs faster – using the master activator from Painter
All the localizations in the bundle change in this way:

Switch_Language_AI_2015.3.exe (SwitchLanguage folder)
Use the original installer, problems with other products should not be
There is a choice of a place of installation
Command-line options:

-S or -S1 – hide the window with the progress of unpacking temporary files
-S2 – show the window with the progress of unpacking temporary files
-S or -S1 or -S2 – required parameter
/ XPATH = "PATH" – specify the installation location.
Default: C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
/ XDISABLENET = 1 – disconnect the Internet connection for ~ 10 seconds to start the installation
/ XFORCE = 1 – forced installation of English
/ XVCR – install Visual C ++ Redistributable Package for the program)
Example: INSTALL.EXE -S / XPATH = "C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Illustrator CC 2018" / XDISABLENET = 1 / XVCR
Changes in the version of 27.09.2016:

Added: the ability to select the installation directory
Added: Visual C ++ Redistributable Package
Updated: autoplay program
Change in version from 05.11.2016:

Updated: Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 to version
Updated: Visual C ++ Redistributable Package up to the version from 11/03/2016
Updated: autorun program
Change in the version from 01/16/2017:

Updated: Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 to version
Change in the version from 04/07/2017:

Updated: Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 to version
Updated: Visual C ++ Redistributable Package up to the version from 10.03.2017
Updated: autorun program
Change in the version of 10/22/2017:

Added: command-line options
Updated: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 to version
Updated: Visual C ++ Redistributable Package to version dated 10/16/2017
Updated: autorun program
Change in the version from 11/15/2017:

Updated: Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 to version
Change in the version from 13.03.2018:

Updated: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 to version
Updated: Visual C ++ Redistributable Package up to the version from 01/13/2018

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