Blocs 2.5 macOS

macOS 10.10 or later | Language: English | Size: 30 MB

Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy to use and powerful visual web design tool that lets you create beautiful and modern websites without the need to write code

What’s New
Version 2.5.0:

Added New Asset Manager
Added new Bric Builder developer tool
Enabled Developer API (Alpha)
Added New Extension Manager
Added New code input area to page settings, allows you to add code before the opening !DOC TYPE tag
Added Developer Console Window
Added project file monitor so when Blocs projects are moved or renamed outside via finder, connection to project file is maintained
Added ability to drag videos from Asset Manager to Bloc background
Added new file download interaction
Dragging PDF and ZIP files to the design canvas will now automatically create a download button
Added ability to drag CSS and JS files to page to attach them as a page header tag
Added ability to drag page attachments from finder to table in page settings
Remove max window size for Class Manager, Menu Manager and Global Swatch Manager
When an item is selected hitting tab now selects the ID field in the sidebar
Added iPhone X notch safe area support
Added context menu for dividers
Added auto play, loop, mute and ability to hide playback controls for local video files
Added support for auto playing Bloc background videos in Safari on MacOS Sierra +
Added support to drag from Photos app to Blocs
Added ability to drag folders onto the Asset Manager to add folder contents to project – 1st level only
Added ability to disable all custom Brics in a project – Used for developer debugging
Added bulk hosted asset import feature
Image URL’s added via sidebar are now automatically added to the asset library
Assets are now added to the current active group when being imported
When duplicating a Bloc to another page, the destination page will be automatically activated
Added function to synchronise all light box frames per gallery ID
Added support to drag images to thumbnail wells
Improved Extension Manager multi uninstall function (no longer requires confirmation for every deletion)
Duplicate Bloc window can now be confirmed with return key
Improved Blocs.js performance (replaced redundant functions with CSS alternatives)
Improved video file size warning. The alert now only shows when applying a video over 10MB to a background. Alert can also now be permanently hidden
Improved Bloc background images on mobile devices, removed redundant zoom styling
Added 2 new video aspect ratios 4:4 and 9:16
Added alt input field for carousel slides
Improved light box interface styling
Added no follow link options
Added logo link image subclass to subclass library
Minor UI refinements
Fixed issue that prevented page attachments being added to pages generated from page templates
Fixed issue that prevented page attachments being copied to duplicated pages
Fixed an issue with page settings changes being saved when nothing has changed
Fixed issues that prevented the scroll bars from showing on various scrollable tables
Fixed issues that caused hosted images to be labeled as local when dragged in from browser
Fixed issues that prevented dragging image from browser to Bloc background
Fixed issues that prevented replacing missing video background correctly
Fixed issue that caused large asset libraries (over 1K assets) to not load correctly in Assets Manager
Fixed a number of layout issues with mobile breakpoints
Fixed issue that prevented asset manager opening when video + symbol clicked
Fixed a number of positioning issues with drop marker when dragging assets to canvas
Fixed various interface styling issues
Fixed issue that caused default logo and favicon asset to show as missing when moving projects between Macs
Fixed issue that caused checkbox and radio custom classes to not show in sidebar class input field
Fixed issue with drop markers and objects nested within forms
Fixed issue with classes disappearing on radios and checkboxes (requires re application of class)
Fixed issue that caused Bloc groups to break when duplicating to other pages
Fixed issue with backgrounds being highlighted for asset drop when mouse is over empty area or an existing image
Fixed issue that prevented duplicating pages
Fixed issue that allowed bloc context menus to be accessed via the new page sheet
Fixed issue that prevented light box from being set to current image
Fixed issue that prevented save dialog after editing light box captions and closing app
Fixed issue that prevented nudging icons that have an interaction applied, using the keyboard shortcut
Fixed issue that prevented scroll to top button working in preview mode
Fixed issue that prevented editing checkbox and radio labels when used outside of forms
Fixed issue that caused checkboxes to break when editing their labels on the design canvas
Fixed issue that left unwanted empty area when dragging a radio item that is not nested within a form
Fixed issue that caused videos loaded from external drives not to show on design canvas
Fixed issue that caused videos settings to be wiped when replacing a video
Fixed issue that caused the pre-loader to hang on Safari when background videos are used
Fixed issue that caused the page attachments to not save correctly
Fixed issue that allowed multiple assets with the same name to be added to a project
Fixed issue that caused video thumbnail to break when dragging videos to it
Fixed issue that prevented ID’s being set on Check boxes and Radios
Fixed issue that caused fonts applied via custom classes with spaces in names on MacOS High Sierra to have double quotes in CSS output
Fixed issue that caused button that is hidden on Tablet or Mobile to become full width within the Blocs design environment
Fixed BG image export issue
Fixed issue that prevented dragging images to the background image well on the class editor
Fixed issue that caused unwanted space in preview mode, when an item is hidden on tablet and desktop
Fixed issue that prevented editing radio and checkbox values and group data
Fixed issue that prevented unsaved state being triggered when a resource is removed via the missing resources window
Fixed issue that caused empty broken images to be left in a project when an image resource is removed via the missing resources window
Fixed issue that caused large image thumbnail in new Asset Manager
Fixed issue that prevented importing hosted SVG files in new Asset Manager
Fixed various issues with dragging videos to sidebar thumbs
Fixed issue that prevented alert style to be set via the context menu
Fixed issue that prevented adding items below items nested within divs
Fixed issue that made it tricky to select the row on Hero Bloc 1
Fixed issue that caused screen flash when loading new projects on Retina screen Macs
Fixed issue that caused strange form types to appear in dropdown
Fixed issue that caused sub class library scroll to top button class to be generated wrong
Fixed issue prevented undo state when changing device type
Fixed issue with icon font search results
Fixed issue with full width nav bloc that caused the logo and menu to meet the edge of the screen
Fixed various layout issues with adding columns to rows
Fixed various layout issues with navigation toggle icons
Fixed issue that prevented the row column collapse controls showing when increasing columns from 1
Fixed navigation padding issue on tablet view for full screen Blocs
Fixed issue that preventing setting width of a div using a custom class
Fixed issue that caused wrong values to show in column count dropdown
Fixed sidebar visual glitch when selecting a div Bric

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit


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