CameraBag Cinema 3.0.210 macOS

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CameraBag Cinema is a filmmaker’s dream for taking video footage from ho-hum to cinematic. Whether you need to correct exposure and white balance, apply a moody style, or recreate the look of classic film stock, CameraBag Cinema has you covered. It’s high-powered, modern, focused, and designed to fit within any workflow.

CameraBag’s beautiful filters, for video.
The original photos-only CameraBag desktop software has won major awards and is a hit with users for its innovative and powerful take on photo filtering. CameraBag Cinema brings that same intuitive interface and processing power to video footage. CameraBag Cinema includes everything you’ll find in the standard photos-only CameraBag (including the ability to edit photos), with the addition of being able to work on videos, LUT import and export, plus dozens of motion film stock emulations.

Analog Engine
CameraBag Cinema’s 96-bit Analog Engine ensures your shots retain smooth color gradations even with lots of adjustments.

Redcode Raw
Users of RED cameras can take advantage of the added fidelity of REDCODE files with CameraBag Cinema’s easy native editing of ultra-high-resolution R3D files.

LUT Support
Easily export filters you design in CameraBag Cinema as LUTs to use with your favorite editing software or camera monitor. Likewise, LUTs can be easily imported into CameraBag Cinema.

Batch Processing
You can apply any set of adjustments or pre-made filters, along with resizing, to entire folders of media at a time with CameraBag Cinema’s easy batch processing.

CameraBag Cinema doesn’t require 3rd party video editing software to run. You can use it in any software workflow, or set it to batch render in the background while you do your editing work.

Professional technology, indie spirit.
In cinematic video processing, one thing matters above all else: the image. CameraBag Cinema’s 96-bit processing (32 bits per channel) means details are never lost, no matter how many adjustments are made, or how tiny they are. It was built from the ground up with modern workflows in mind, which you’ll appreciate whether you’re an indie filmmaker with a DSLR or a big-budget studio.

An essential addition to any filmmaker’s toolset.
No matter the size of your video project, CameraBag Cinema is ideal for getting the look just right. Here are just a few of the features you’ll find useful. Give it a try yourself to find hundreds more.

Curve-based color grading
CameraBag Cinema is chock-full of precise, curve-based adjustments. Other software tells you you’re adjusting shadows or highlights or greens or reds, but you have no way to precisely set the falloff to get exactly the look you want. CameraBag Cinema gives you the ultimate control your discerning eye demands.

Stand-alone editing
CameraBag Cinema is a compact, lightweight stand-alone application that opens instantly. Since it doesn’t depend on any particular plugin architecture, you can use it alongside any editing software you like.

Tile-based workflow
CameraBag Cinema’s tile-based workflow hits the sweet spot in the spectrum between flexibility and ease of use. You can add as many adjustment tiles as you like, even doubling up on some (for example, having multiple tone curves for ease of adjusting highlights and shadows separately). You can always see exactly what adjustments are affecting your footage and easily tweak them all on the fly.

Modeled film grain
Look up close and compare CameraBag Cinema’s film grain with that of other software and you’ll see a huge difference. Other software uses overlay images that don’t create the subtly soft edges that real film grain creates. CameraBag Cinema’s film grain is physically modeled to create truly lifelike film grain to warm digital shots, emulate vintage looks, or match film stock.

Innovative scopes
Scopes and histograms are vital to video editors, but we found lots of ways to make them even more useful in CameraBag Cinema. For example, you can stretch the waveform window to the full width of your image to see where things line up more easily. We also unwrapped the traditional chrominance vectorscope to make it much more readable.

Great for photos too
CameraBag Cinema works just as well on photos as it does on videos. It can be very handy to use the same software on both photos and videos – say, for example, if you’re a wedding photographer/videographer and want a consistent look across your media. Or if you have a unique visual style you created for your film that you want to apply to still photos for advertising and press.

The brilliance of simplicity.
CameraBag Cinema’s interface brings the straightforward approach of photo editing to film, and keeps your focus on what’s most important: the image. You can always see, rearrange, and adjust everything affecting the image via the bottom tray of tiles, and at any time you can save/export your adjustments as a new filter. Many processes are simply far easier than in other video tools, including the simple act of cropping, trimming and exporting.

Start or finish with one of hundreds of presets.
CameraBag Cinema’s Analog Engine has been honed over several years in the professional photography world to produce the highest quality filters and emulations. With over 200 fully-editable filter presets plus any others you create, you’ll always have a look you can start from or simply use as a one-click solution. Here are just a few of the included preset filter sets.

System Requirements:
– Mac: OSX 10.9 or newer, Intel CPU (Core 2 Duo or better)
– 70MB Hard Drive space


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