Franzis Photographer’s Projects Collection 2018

Franzis Photographer’s Projects Collection 2018 | File Size : 62.05 MB
Russian / English registered and portable versions in one installer from elchupakabra!

Photographer’s Projects Collection contains the most popular products for processing photos from FRANZIS: sharpening, noise reduction, HDR and retouching.

The collection includes:
DENOISE projects 2 professional 2.27
HDR projects 5 professional 5.52
NEAT projects professsional 1.12
SHARPEN projects 1.19

SHARPEN projects pro offers unique and new opportunities for converting digital photos into amazing works of art, using "smart" tools, as well as an efficient and extremely clear workflow.

The software is intended for amateurs and professional photographers to compensate for the lack of digital photographic technology: sensors store only information of light, not color.

Intuitive workflow using high-quality tools for image sharpness.

With the help of 45 presets, you can create unique works of professional level in full quality! In addition, experienced professionals get individual access to all installations and process photos to your liking.

Main features:

Mathematically accurate calculation of ideal sharpness.
"Adaptive Multi-scale Deconvolution" is an innovative blur correction.
Individual analysis of each photo.
Sensitive edge recognition for precise sharpening without mask.
"Adaptive Gradient Sharpening" – for perfect sharpness of landscapes, still lifes, macro photos, etc.
Correction of haze and fog.
RAW-module with the corresponding camera profile.
Supports all existing RAW formats.
Batch processing.
Used as a stand-alone product and as a plug-in for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom.
Selective sharpening of portraits.
Increase the sharpness of photos or poor-quality images taken from a compact camera or smartphone.

DENOISE projects will expand your possibilities of your photo: spectacular night shots, atmospheric photos with candles, portraits without flash, concerts, underwater pictures or pictures in the sky, or landscapes in poor light conditions will suddenly attract your eyes!

DENOISE projects, currently, the only software available that removes all seven types of noise in the image: brightness, color, stripes, clouds, hot pixels, salt & pepper (alternating gray and white particles), and holes.

The newly developed Smart Pattern Matching technology perfectly removes noise from your images preserving colors, sharpness and the smallest details.


Technology Smart search by template for images of unique quality.
High photosensitivity of the photo without blurring – all without noise, in sharpness and detail.
Applicable for up to 12,800 ISO and higher!
Optimized noise reduction in RAW and JPEG images.
30 additional professional filters to strengthen and restore parts and much more.
Offers optimization to remove noise for RAW and JPEG formats.
Offers image optimization for phone and web graphics.
Corrector error correction.
43 expert filters: sharp ultra HD, restoration of parts, HD noise reduction.
1: 1 magnified image to compare the image quality and have complete control over what is happening.
Standalone versions for Windows and Mac OS.
Includes plug-ins for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
Batch processing with fully automatic optimized noise reduction.
Full RAW converter including distortion correction.

With HDR projects not only improves the height and depth of the image, as in other "conventional" programs. It is rather the compensation of certain physical limitations that any camera possesses. Sensors of cameras can catch only a part of that magnificence or differences in exposure that the human eye can catch. The eye can catch up to 100,000 contrasts, and the camera sensors are about 500. That’s why the photographers’ work never correlates with what is stored in your memory. This is an irrefutable fact, and no manufacturer of cameras in the world can refute this.

With HDR projects, you have a solution to this physical problem. Special built-in algorithms will calculate from your original images images with HDR from which you breath.

Functional features:

Ready HDR image from bracketing
Support for all major RAW image formats
HDR photos from one image – automatic creation of bracketing
The weight of each photo can always be changed
Maximum flexibility with 9 new HDR presets
24 tone presets – for quick and charming results
Expert mode with 9 filters to choose from
Maximum use of equipment due to the support of 32-kernel multithreading

NEAT projects automatically deletes all moving objects on the fly. London, Paris, Rome: hundreds of attractions with an amazing photo shoot. As usual, you are not the only one who tries to look sneakily or find the perfect perspective, and more often it means that the hope of getting a clear shot of the object begins to look rather gloomy. NEAT projects is a completely new program in which to work with photos is easier than ever.


Motion Detection Algorithms
Manual adjustment / Color balance
Displaying the motion map
Synthetic bracketing

Features of repacking:

Combined in one distribution program installation or unpacking portable (PortableApps format) version
Does not require registration (patch)
Interface languages ​​Russian (Russification wylek) / English (the rest are deleted)
Ability to pick up and autopy the user files of the settings of the program format * .ini from the folders: DeNoise Projects 2 Pro, HDR Projects 5 Pro, Neat Projects Pro, Sharpen Projects standard

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 – x64

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