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Does your company have a sales staff? Do you have leads arriving by email? If so, you probably need a solution that distributes those leads promptly, reliably, and fairly to your staff. Round-Robin Mailer is designed to do exactly that. It connects directly to a POP3/IMAP4 mail server, reads all email, and forwards each one to a member of the staff in a rotating fashion.

Because we understand how important leads are, Round-Robin Mailer is designed for maximum reliability. It is guaranteed to never lose an email.

Round-Robin Mailer is a desktop application that runs on Windows (XP or later).
Receives email from mail servers that support POP3 or IMAP4 access, just like an email client. There is no need to install it on a server. Rather, it can be installed on the desktop of the person who administers it.
Sends email via SMTP. Both relaying and Direct Delivery are supported.
Bullet-proof reliability. It can run for months at a time. Will not crash and does not leak resources.
Generates statistics (in a graph or table) of how many emails were forwarded to each staff member over time.
A staff member can be easily marked "Unavailable" to exclude them from receiving emails.
An optional work schedule can be specified for each staff member. The staff member will not receive emails outside of the schedule.
When the Permanent Relationships feature is enabled, emails arriving from the same source will always be forwarded to the originally chosen staff member.
Junior staff members can be assigned a lower percentage of leads.
The Quota System is useful when the "staff members" are instead clients who pay for leads.
You can compose an email to the next staff member in the rotation. This is great for fairly distributing a lead that came from another source.
Certain types of emails can undergo custom processing. For example, you may want all emails containing the text "residential" to go to a particular staff member. Or, emails whose subject contains the word "support" can go to a subset of the staff members.
The body and headers of the forwarded email can be modified.
Supports archiving of all emails received and forwarded.
A detailed operation log can be generated.


* Added the ability to decode S/MIME signed and/or encrypted emails.
* Improved tolerance and recovery regarding transient DNS errors.
* Stats Table/Permanent Relationships Table: Filter: added support for Regular Expressions.
* Added the "Stop Processing Rules" Rule Action.
* Added the "Lacks All" Rule How.
* Modifications/Auto-Respond: variables now support unicode.
* View Archive: added a toolbar.
* Added the {account} variable. This is taken from the "User Name" column of the Incoming Mail Server table.
* Compose: Zip Attachments: added the ability to encrypt and password protect the Zip file.
* Locate Mail Server: errors are now reported in a log at the end.
* Added the "Import From Project" tool to the Incoming Server table’s context menu.
* An error is now reported if the user starts a round-robin operation while the operation is already running in another instance.
* Stats Table/Permanent Relationships Table: dual column sorting is now optional.
* HTML Viewer: added a "Copy Image" tool when right clicking on an image.
* The log now lists all staff members and their configuration.
* View Attachments: added support for Rich Text (RTF) files.
* View Archive: added the ability to drag emails out of the table and into a folder in File Explorer.
* Report Stats: Table view: added an "Export To HTML" tool.
* Compose: Import CSV As Table: the user can now choose which columns should be imported.
* Compose: Insert Button: the drop shadow is now optional.
* Compose: Insert Hyperlink: this now allows hyperlinks to an email address by specifying the "mailto:" prefix.
* Editbox: Search/Replace: added support for Regular Expressions.
* Compose: the "Insert Hyperlink" tool will now revert to the "Hyperlink Properties" tool if a hyperlink is already present.
* Compose: the Import/Export tools now support unicode in the filepath.
* Compose: if no staff member has any remaining quota credits, the Compose window will no longer refuse to launch. Instead, the "The next staff member in the rotation" option will be disabled, but you can still compose an email to an arbitrary email address.
* When sending an auto-response, the {subject} and {from} variables now reflect the content of the original email, not the auto-response.
* When opening a database, the ODBC driver is no longer allowed to display any user interface. Instead, if the connection string is incomplete, an error message will appear. This forces you to provide a fully qualified connection string. This is important because RRM often runs unattended, and the ODBC dialog will prevent RRM from doing its job.
* Added a "Speak" tool to the Help viewer.
* Now supports installation to a path that contains unicode.
* Compose: there is now a "Tools" button in the bottom right corner of the Raw HTML editbox.
* Compose: Verify Links: added the ability to pause the operation.
* Added a help file chapter on the round robin order, providing details about how it operates.
* Added the "Hyperborean" skin.
* Fixed: after adding a new rule, the table row was not getting input focus (since 14.0).
* Fixed: Rules: if Where=Body-Text and How=Contains Domain and the URL in the email text body contains a port number, the Rule was not being triggered.
* Fixed: View Archive: View Attachments: when viewing many text attachments, they were being displayed too short or not at all.
* Fixed: Compose: Customize Toolbar: changing the toolbar size was not instantly adjusting the toolbar’s height.
* Fixed: Locate Mail Server: Test DNS: a certain type of error was not being reported.
* Fixed: Compose: right clicking on a hyperlinked image was not always displaying the "Hyperlink Properties" option on the context menu.
* Fixed: Compose: clicking on an image then using the Insert Hyperlink tool was not working.
* Fixed: View Archive: the Refresh tool was broken.
* Fixed: possible hang in uninstaller.
* Fixed: when an operation is running, RRM is now careful to not interfere with a system shutdown/reboot.


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