mAirList Professional Studio Plus 6.1.2 Build 3858

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We offer professional but inexpensive software for small and medium radio stations and ambitious home users.

• mAirList is built around a reliable, fully customizable playout engine, with automation and live assist mode, skinnable user interface, a built-in, touch-screen friendly, multi-tab cartwall, and voice-tracking support.

Studio Integration
• With its various built-in remote control options, mAirList integrates perfectly with your professional studio equipment. We support direct remote control for devices from DHD, Lawo, Studer, D&R, Axia, Wheatstone and others.

• Manage your audio files and playlist logs through mAirListDB, the built-in, network-enabled audio library. It has built-in music scheduling, and can also import playlists from various 3rd-party scheduling software.

• The built-in streaming encoder feeds Shoutcast and Icecast servers, even from server hardware with no physical audio devices. Winamp and VST plugins can be used for sound processing. With the Multi Instance option, you can run dozens of playouts from the same machine.

• mAirList Audio Logger, available as a separate product, makes long-term recordings of one or more audio signals, and includes a web server for fast and easy access. The REST API, with built-in silence detection, allows integration into surveillence systems like Icinga.

And much more…
• Regionalization, HTTP interaction, REST API, Stream Monitor, scripting, mixdown, multichannel audio, Aircheck Recorder, MIDI, .

Whats New:
[-] File import: Native file tags are read even if MMD file is present,
possibly overwriting data from the MMD file
[-] File import: *.cue files were not loaded correctly
[+] File import: New option: Automatically create MMD files for new files
[-] DB: Scheduler: Parts in square brackets [] are ignored when calculating
title separation, allows for different versions of same song to be
separated correctly
[-] ReplayGain not imported from Vorbis Comments (FLAC/OGG)
[-] Config: Encoder DSPs: Double items in Add menu after switching tabs
[-] Playback: Possible deadlock when using linked items in AUTO mode
[+] Remote control: Added CARTWALL ALL … commands
[+] Remote control: Added SLEEP <milliseconds> command
[+] Support for opening *.edt playlist files (WinMedia)
[+] Regionalizaion: Support for region remapping (experimental)
[+] DB: Support for station groups (use backslash as delimiter in station name);
stations with the same group name will be arranged as tabs in the main
window and also advertising configuration
[-] DB: Cloning into MSSQL database may fail with "data too large" error
[-] DB: Transitions sub-menu missing from "No music" item in Generate menu;
"Argument out of range" error when clicking
[-] Mix Editor: Assertion failure when editing Multitrack Container content
[-] DB: MSSQL backend: SQL error when importing items by External ID
[-] DB: SQL error when deleting a template that is still used in assignment grid
[-] DB: Possible error message when editing items in "Everything" view


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