Microsoft Office 2016 Standard / Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro 16.0.4666.1000 (2018.03…

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Microsoft Office 2016 demonstrates how the approach to creating documents and working with them has changed today. Many of us begin work on one computer, continue it on another, and demonstrate it on the third, incidentally having time to make small changes for the laptop, on the tablet or even a smartphone. Therefore, Office 2016 tried to make it conceptually different. Virtually all the key elements in it were developed from scratch, and applications are focused on a single style of operation regardless of the hardware platform. They are designed to provide the usual functionality on any device, automatically adjusting its interface to the parameters of the current screen and available system resources.

Some features of my Office assemblies:
Excellent shell installer: comfortable, beautiful and multifunctional
Absence of advertising (Ad-free): your documents will not be signed "RePack by VERY IMPORTANT"
The optimal size and speed of installation: the program will not be unpacked half an hour in order for you to press a pair of buttons
Ability to store the assembly in uncompressed .exe-format; in the unpacked form (7-zip or WinRAR will help to unzip the .exe file); in .iso formats and in a compressed analogue .iso – .isz
Target audience: as usual users who need a two-click installation, as well as professionals who want to get everything the installer needs
Perhaps, most importantly: created with love
Pleasant use!

Which version should I choose – x86 or x64:
Microsoft recommends using the 32-bit (x86) version even on 64-bit systems.

Problem solving:
1. Your system must meet the requirements described in this article

2. In most cases, Office reports the error number. A simple search on Google or Yandex will send to the Microsoft website describing the solution to the problem.
3. During installation, the installer creates a log file, which can be found in the% TEMP% folder (looks like this: SetupExe (2015071815202215A0) .log). Share it with us if you can not solve the problem yourself.

If the installation fails with an error, the installer, as a rule, reports its number. If the error number is not specified, you can find it at the end of the above SetupExe (2015071815202215A0) .log
The line looks like this:

2015/12/17 21:32:02:477::[3936] Catalyst execution finished: 12/17/2015 21:32:02. Return code: 1603.
Accordingly, to ask Google to help you on the request Office 20XX error 1603. The first links, as a rule, contain a solution to your problem.
Sometimes after an incorrect removal of the preinstalled Office 365, a window appears asking you to buy or activate the program.

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro 16.0.4639.1001 (x86/x64)

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Microsoft Office 2016 Standard 16.0.4639.1001 (x86/x64)

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Download Microsoft Office 2016 Standard / Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro 16.0.4666.1000 (2018.03… With Nitroflare and Purchase Premium cheap

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