MotionWorks – MAKING IT LOOK GREAT 11: Hard Surface Modelling Tactics For Cinema 4D

MotionWorks – MAKING IT LOOK GREAT 11: Hard Surface Modelling Tactics For Cinema 4D
Hard Surface Modelling Tactics For Cinema 4D

Of all the areas a 3D artist can learn, modelling is arguably the most difficult to master. It takes hours, weeks, months and years of practice and mistake making to reach the stage where you can decipher a mesh just by looking at it.

Also, finding thorough training that focusses on more than just a few techniques and tools isn’t easy, especially if you’re a Cinema 4D artist. Mastering modelling in Cinema 4D has generally relied on finding what tutorials you can for Cinema 4D, then moving on to Maya and Max tutorials to fill the void. With MILG11: Hard Surface Modelling Tactics for Cinema 4D this is no longer the case. MILG11 is the missing link in Cinema 4D modelling, developed specifically for Cinema 4D artists and covering everything you need to know from fundamental modelling concepts to hidden features of key modelling tools. If you’re serious about learning modelling in Cinema 4D, MILG 11: Hard Surface Modelling Tactics for Cinema 4D is the ideal place to start.

Here’s what’s included:
Geometry Basics
Important, fundamental geometry concepts that are the foundation to correct modelling.
Directing Flow: Quad workflow and its importance in maintaining predictable edge flow.
Redirecting Flow: Tools and techniques for redirecting edge flow.
Edge Loops: The importance of loops in edge flow, adding and
encapsulating detail.
Normals: The importance of Surface and Vertex Normals to modelling, materials and rendering.
Using Diamonds: Using diamond quads to split edge flow and control edge count.
Total duration: 1 hour 56 minutes

Key Tools
Key tools and concepts to save time, model correctly and create seemingly complex meshes with ease.
The Slide Tool: Tips and tricks for working with the Slide Tool.
Symmetry: Time saving techniques using the Symmetry Object.
Radial Symmetry: Time saving techniques using radial symmetry.
Modelling Axis Tools: Tips and tricks for using the Modelling Axis Tools.
Shrink Wrapping: Projecting a mesh using the Shrink Wrap Deformer.
Total duration: 1 hour 44 minutes

Subdivision Basics
Understanding polygonal subdivision and how it relates to hard surface modelling.
Splines Vs Subdivision: The benefits of subdivision modelling over a spline-based workflow.
Basic Curvature: Understanding polygon count and its importance in creating smooth curvature.
Edge Sharpening: Tips and techniques for cutting transitional edges on geometry under subdivision.
Convex Cuts: Tips and techniques for creating sharp, convex details in geometry under subdivision.
Concave Cuts: Tips and techniques for adding sharpening to concave details under subdivision.
Isolating Cuts: Techniques for isolating cuts to extruded, internal geometry.
Uprezing a Mesh: Adding detail into a specific part of a mesh without affecting other geometry.
Cylindrical Detail: Adding detail to cylindrical objects under subdivision without affecting curvature.
Surface Tension: Understanding subdivision surface tension and how it affects geometry.
Total duration: 4 hours 23 minutes


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