Pluralsight – Mastering Microsoft Azure Resource Manager 2017 TUTORiAL

Pluralsight – Mastering Microsoft Azure Resource Manager 2017 TUTORiAL | 628 MB

Azure Resource Manager (or ARM) is the newest platform for deploying and managing PaaS and IaaS resources in Microsoft Azure. This course gives you the knowledge and the tools to become instantly productive with ARM infrastructure and services.

Course Overview53s
Course Overview53s
Architecting a Cloud First Strategy10m 12s
Benefits of a Cloud First Strategy2m 10s
Infrastructure as a Service Solution2m 26s
Platform as a Service Solution2m 0s
Course Prerequisites3m 35s
Understanding Azure Resource Manager Architecture28m 45s
What Is Azure Resource Manager?4m 32s
Working with Resources5m 43s
Deploying a Simple PaaS Solution9m 45s
Deploying a Simple IaaS Solution8m 42s
Understanding Azure Resource Manager Templates30m 35s
Core Structure of ARM Templates3m 5s
Parameters, Variables, and Resources9m 57s
Build and Deploy PaaS Using ARM Templates11m 54s
Build and Deploy IaaS Using ARM Templates5m 38s
Building Azure Resource Manager Services20m 8s
Creating a New ARM Template from Scratch3m 42s
Deploy Web Sites Around the World7m 32s
Deploy Azure Traffic Manager5m 33s
Configure Web Sites from GitHub Source Control3m 20s
Building Azure Resource Manager Infrastructure22m 4s
Deploy Azure Storage Accounts3m 4s
Deploy Azure Virtual Networks and Subnets8m 11s
Connect Networks via a vNet-to-vNet VPN10m 49s
Deploying Virtual Machines29m 44s
Deploy a Virtual Machine with External Access7m 31s
Deploy Multiple Remote Windows Servers9m 32s
Configure Windows Servers with PowerShell DSC VM Extensions5m 56s
Deploy Load Balancer for Web Traffic6m 44s
Managing Resources27m 36s
Using Role Based Access Control (RBAC)8m 24s
Creating Custom RBAC Roles7m 4s
Using Resource Tags4m 18s
Working with ARM Policies7m 49s
Authoring Deconstructed Templates19m 30s
World Class ARM Templates2m 34s
Template Outputs and State Sharing10m 26s
Storing Secrets in Azure KeyVault2m 46s
Deploying a Solution with Shared Templates3m 42s

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