WinPatrol Firewall 2017.5.1010

File Size: 26.2 MB

The World’s easiest Personal Firewall!

BLOCK Malware your AV misses, BEFORE it infects!
ake back control of which programs get to use the Internet!
ast and effective, does NOT slow down your computer!
Effective against Zero Day threats, junkware, spyware and malware!
Perfect companion with WinAntiRansom and WinPatrol

What’s new:
Fixed problem resulting in repeating, duplicate prompts.
Added setting “Do not prompt for known good programs” and activated it by default.
Improved recognition of known good programs to help reduce prompts.
Fixed bug in installer that could result upgrades failing and requiring a restart for the upgrade to complete properly.
Fixed a few annoying bugs where prompts would not open on top of other programs.
Fixed issue where on wake from hibernation or sleep WinPatrol Firewall would sometimes state you were not protected even though you were actually protected.


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